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So, you’re looking to upgrade your boat from push-pull cable steer to hydraulic steering? A decision which you will not regret! As you may know, the main disadvantages you might face with a ‘push-pull cable steer system’ on your outboard include being more prone to corrosion, the physical strength from a drivers’ point of view turning the motor and even dealing with the power which causes undesired tension that gets sent through the cable which causes discomfort at the wheel. If you’ve faced one or more of these problems, it’s time you invest in hydraulic steering to make driving fun again!

The systems are simple, consisting of three components:
  • A helm pump mounted behind your steering wheel.
  • A cylinder/steering ram mounted to the outboard
  • Hydraulic lines that push the fluid between the two.

Once you have your hydraulic system set up, standard cleaning and re-greasing of cylinders/ helm components can be achieved at your boat service.

Here at Trev Terry Marine, we supply and install the very best when it comes to Hydraulic Steering. We believe hydraulic steering is a game-changer for boating. It’s a simple but genius piece of marine engineering that will reduce maintenance but offer the desired goal of hydraulics, thus providing a smoother and easier experience when steering.

We stock and install two leading brands:
  • Ultraflex
  • Seastar
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