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The Haswing Ultima 3.0 Electric Outboard

The Latest Electric Outboard Is Here All you faint-hearted petrol heads look away or consider a great alternative to petrol power with the latest boating piece of ingenuity to hit our shores… Introducing to you the ‘Haswing Ultima 3.0 Electric Outboard’. Let’s face it electric motors have become far much […]

The Helm Master EX by Yamaha is Here!

The Helm Master Ex… Yamaha’s Latest Boating Ingenuity With great pleasure and satisfaction, we are thrilled to announce the latest cutting-edge marine technology, a game-changer, and an industry-first by Yamaha. The Yamaha’s Helm Master EX boat control system. The Helm Master EX has capabilities that every boating enthusiasts dreams off, […]

Cannon Downrigger

The Cannon Downrigger Are you new to downriggers? Ever wondered what their actual purpose is? Do only serious anglers use this device? Well, all will be answered shortly. Let’s take it back a few centuries, to the good old days when our ancestors had to come up with various ways […]

Trojan Electric Jockey Wheel

Have you ever struggled with a load of moving your boat or caravan into a tight space, corner, or garage? Let’s face it, it’s not the easiest task when your prized possession is over six long and few meters wide. Well, there’s a solution out there, and it’s called the […]

Upgrade to Hydraulic Steering

So, you’re looking to upgrade your boat from push-pull cable steer to hydraulic steering? A decision which you will not regret! As you may know, the main disadvantages you might face with a ‘push-pull cable steer system’ on your outboard include being more prone to corrosion, the physical strength from […]

Boat Detailing & Grooming

Let’s face it, owning a boat is a huge investment that requires a lot of time and regular maintenance. As a boat owner, you want to ensure that your vessel is kept in its best possible state, in storage, or in use, in doing so will go a long way […]