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The Smart Fishing Drone

Smart Fishing Drone?  Yes you heard right! One of the latest pieces of boating innovation to hit the market is the fishing drone. This is a device that allows you to easily place a baited long line and sinker up to 1000 meters offshore. Drone fishing is not only revolutionary in the way we fish, […]

6th September 2016

Taupo Fishing Report 06-09-2016 FLY AND GUN Fishing out on the great lake has been good this last week or so with quite a few hardy souls getting up at the crack of dawn to enjoy some early season Harling. Good numbers and quality fish are showing up at around the 5-7 meter mark in […]

17th August 2016

Winter fishing continues to go well now with some longer periods of cold and wet weather to get a few fresh fish running, last weeks rain came right at the start of the weekend so put a lot of rivers up and dirty but by Monday and Tuesday they were looking good and the fishing […]

2nd August 2016

TAUPO FISHING REPORT 02-08-2016 FLY AND GUN Well you would have to say that winter has finally arrived here in Taupo, the last couple of weeks of pretty inclement weather have switched the green light to go for some pretty reasonable numbers of fresh fish to run the system. Most of our local rivers responded […]

13th July 2016

Taupo Fishing Report 13-07-2016 The local winter fly fishing continues to be fairly average compared to this time last year, we are already Mid July and still waiting some consistent runners to enter the rivers. Not all bad though, we have had some runs come through and amongst those have been seriously impressive fish in […]

28th June 2016

Taupo Fishing Report 28-06-2016 FLY AND GUN Lake fishing is still going well for those that brave the elements, and to most methods, we seem to be having now what you would normally expect at the end of summer, good numbers and some great conditioned fish, not big but excellent quality. The rivers have all […]

25th May 2016

TAUPO FISHING REPORT 25-05-2016 FLY AND GUN Well, we had the rain we asked for thank goodness ,and judging by the continued low level of the lake we need a lot more to start to back up and retain some of the water in the rivers to really get the runs going, according the weather […]

18th May 2016

TAUPO FISHING REPORT 18-05-2016 FLY AND GUN Winter runs for the fly fishers have been somewhat delayed this year due to low levels and lack of cold wintery weather, there have been fish in most local rivers for a while now and quite a few have ran already on the last rain we had quite […]

6th May 2016

TAUPO FISHING REPORT 06-05-2015 FLY AND GUN What an amazing start to the winter fishing here in Taupo, the reports continue to relay great fly fishing on most of our local spawning streams now with good numbers showing very early for the time of year, not only are the numbers good but the size and […]

5th April 2016

Taupo Fishing Report 05-04-2016 FLY AND GUN Steady fishing out on the lake at the moment with a good mixture of size and quality of fish being caught. Jigging seems to be the way at the moment at around 20-30 meters , in saying that we have had some excellent reports from the Harlers this […]

8th March 2016

TAUPO FISHING REPORT 08-03-2016 FLY AND GUN Fishing out on the lake continues to improve as the weather starts to cool things down a little and holiday boat traffic has eased. Downrigger and jigging are still top methods out there at the moment with some exceptional fish being caught this last week on the Jig. […]

25th February 2016

Taupo Fishing report 25-02-2016 FLY AND GUN Fishing on the lake the last few days has been very good especially for the Downriggers and jiggers as the fish are now well and truly situated at and below the thermocline during the main part of the day. 120 to 150 feet seems to be the depth […]