5th April 2016

Taupo Fishing Report



Steady fishing out on the lake at the moment with a good mixture of size and quality of fish being caught.

Jigging seems to be the way at the moment at around 20-30 meters , in saying that we have had some excellent reports from the Harlers this last week just fishing in as little as 20 feet and less, small smelt patterns and Green orbits seem to be doing the damage at the moment even during the middle of the day.

Fly fishing is going through its Summer /Autumnal change at the moment as the temperatures start to drop you can expect to catch more on the nymph as the dry fly action just starts to slow down, we do however have some very good Mayfly hatches yet to come on the right days so don’t put the dry fly box away quite yet.

Local rivers are still very low and clear and in need of some good rain to give them a good flush and clean, we can expect to see a few early spawners arriving once the flows increase and the weather gets colder.

The odd Mayfly Spinner fall can still give the dry fly angler an hour or two of sport on the warmer and calmer evenings after work.

Back country fly fishing has been good in between fluctuating levels, there are some awesome conditioned fish that are in pristine condition out there at the moment after a summer gorging big Cicadas they really are stunning to look at this time of year and full of fight.

You will need to lighten your leaders and go smaller with your flies as some rivers have had quite a bit of pressure over the summer.

The river mouths have been a little hit and miss but when the fish have been there the quality has been really good with reports of some excellent solid Rainbows stripping line and backing out to the horizon.

Tight Lines all

Gary Lyttle