The last Haines Hunter SF535

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We say goodbye to the last remaining Haines Hunter SF535

For more than 30 years, Haines Hunter has been manufacturing the iconic SF535 model – A family fiberglass boat is commonly titled as the most successful production trailer boat in New Zealand. The 535 is well equipped for recreational fishing, cruising, watersport activities, and all-around boating fun. The origins behind this masterful boat rose from Australian designs, with the V17R and V17L models. However the manufacturing rights we’re licensed soon after by Haines Hunter NZ.


The 535’s became that prominent iconic kiwi trailer boat with the longevity of this model largely credited to key characteristics such as soft riding, 21 degree deep V hull and its notable rough water handling capabilities.

There is also that luxury of being able to overnight on the 535, ideal for two people, along with its Portofino transom that allowed for more storage space and stability with the hull.

As they say, all good things come to an end, the discontinuation of this model by Haines Hunter means that we won’t be getting any of these boats anymore onto our yard – With the one your seeing being the last ever brand new SF535 to hit our yard.

A tenure of 37 years sadly comes to an end, but don’t fear as the new S545 model is everything the SF535 is, but more – With a completely new hull, incorporation of new building techniques whilst also having that famous hand-laid hull.




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