Balex Delivery

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One of our happy customer’s Mike Perott is given a hands on demonstration by our workshop manager Jason Hydes upon delivery of his new Balex System.

Mike owns a Sea Nymph Blazer on a Tandem axle trailer. The Balex system was fitted by our workshop team.

Mike saw the system at our customer evening and thought that he needed one!

Mike quotes in the video “this will save a lot of stress and marriages” (jokes). But it’s true!

Ask us for a quote today for the fitting of an Automatic Boat Launcher to your trailer

No winching, no slipping on the boat ramp, no stress!
The Balex® Automatic Boat Loader (ABL) automates the launch and retrieval of your trailer boat. You don’t even have to get your feet wet! No more clambering down the slippery boat ramp to attach the winch. No more cranking on the manual winch or slow unreliable electric winching.
Transform your new or existing wobble-roller boat trailer into an Automatic Boat Loader for controlled, hassle free launch and retrieval of your boat.


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