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The Old4New campaign was a huge success this Summer! With it’s sixth year running, the campaign managed to collect thousands of dangerous, old and damaged lifejackets from communities across Aotearoa. Coastguard managed to stopover 61 communities across it’s 10 week tour this summer.

Old4New Community Ambassador, Sue Tucker highlights the importance of “More Kiwis are now looking to buy fit-for-purpose lifejackets which is a huge shift in the attitudes surrounding lifejacket wearing and use”. Many of the lifejackets traded in were 40 years or older. Whilst the average age of upgraded life jackets was worrying, what is more concerning was the percentage of people bringing in their lifejackets filled with Kapok- A fluffy plant fibre similar to cotton which can absorb water, seriously effecting the life jackets ability to keep a float.

Coastguard New Zealand CEO, Callum Gillespie, says the “convenience of the campaign has continued to encourage people to make the most of the Old4New upgrade, but there is still a long way to go before Kiwis are making smarter and safer boating choices. This year we saw more men aged between 35-50. Statistically this is the demographic most likely to get into trouble on the water, so our messages are getting through. However, there is still more to be done, we want to get to a place where wearing your lifejacket when boating is as natural as wearing your seatbelt when driving”.

Here and Trev Terry Marine, “we we’re super stoked to get on board with this campaign and help as much as we could. At the end of the day it’s about smarter boating practices and choices to save lives on the water”-Brock Terry.

2019 Old4New Stats:

  • 2729 new lifejackets
  • 10 weeks
  • 61 van stops
  • 8,970 kms travelled
  • 24 Boating & Outdoor retail stores

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