10th November 2015

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Fishing on the Great Lake is just starting to improve as we head towards summer, Harling locally has been very rewarding for the early birds over the last couple of weeks and it seems to be carrying on for longer periods during the day at the moment, locals are reporting catching at odd times through out  the entire day , some have said that they may have had to fish  just a little deeper to stay in touch, good news for those that like to Harl but not serious enough to get up at 5.00 am.

Trolling has been a little hit and miss for many, those that are continually chopping and changing depth are the one’s that have been successful this last few weeks. Worth noting that we have had quite a few reports of Trollers finding good numbers of fish at between 15 and 20 meters deep which ties in with what the Harlers have been saying of how shallow they have been finding fish this last week or so.

Jigging has started to improve a little but it is still very early to capitalize on any type of thermocline yet, but it has to be said that it is certainly and improvement on a month or so ago.

Fly fishing continues to go well with all sorts of activity just starting up, we have the evening rise about to get going in full swing, we have the Brown Beetle hatch underway and some very encouraging reports of staggering Mayfly activity at the moment.

Most local rivers are now low and clear and fish are going to be challenging, the Tongariro would be my choice at the moment as it has a good mixture of fresh, resident and mending in the river and offers one of the best prospects of early dry fly activity.

Back country rivers are all at good levels as we speak and the fishing has been very good although some are saying that fish are still a little under conditioned, hopefully this will change rapidly now that we have more settled weather lower flows  and good insect activity on the go.

Tight Lines All

Gary Lyttle



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