13th July 2016

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Taupo Fishing Report


The local winter fly fishing continues to be fairly average compared to this time last year, we are already Mid July and still waiting some consistent runners to enter the rivers.

Not all bad though, we have had some runs come through and amongst those have been seriously impressive fish in stunning condition.

A lot of the runs have been coming through very intermittently and with quite a few fish all shoaled together so some anglers have been reporting having a ball for an hour or two then nothing for the rest of the day. It really pays to stay on the move when the fishing is like this, give the runs a half an hour then move on somewhere else, quite a few complaints coming in from anglers regarding this topic, as many anglers whom I am sure are just not aware of the etiquette at a time of year with a lot anglers wanting to share the same river.

You are expected to move through the pools and if need be share and take turns at fishing through pools together , hogging pools simply because you get there first is not good etiquette and don’t be surprised to be reminded of this.

Most methods are catching fish when they are running but this week the rivers are getting very low and clear again the trout will be ultra shy and aware of what’s going on around them so be cautious and slow with your approach, ditch the big indicators and fish small and fine and you can still do well.

Good news is we have a cold, wet front on its way, hopefully arriving Thursday this week and the rivers will once again have some good fresh runs through them by the weekend.

Tight Lines to all

Gary Lyttle



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