17th August 2016

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Winter fishing continues to go well now with some longer periods of cold and wet weather to get a few fresh fish running, last weeks rain came right at the start of the weekend so put a lot of rivers up and dirty but by Monday and Tuesday they were looking good and the fishing improved dramatically.

Most anglers coming through the shop Monday onwards were reporting some great fishing with not too many other anglers around on most of the rivers, even the Hine had a quiet start to the week with some quality fish showing up, a lot of the standard stamp of Runners are now finding their way up that are averaging 2-3lb but better numbers.

The T.T despite some coloured water also had some good numbers go through although reports are that a lot these T.T fish have been on the small side.

Tongariro continues to have quite consistent levels and has been having some steady runs through the whole winter length early morning wet liners have been getting some better quality fish.

Due to the high levels the wet liners are still having a ball on the receding levels with nympher’s doing better as the water clears and during the main part of the day

Caddis has been playing a larger part of the diet during these high flows and many fish caught are actively spewing out balls of semi digested green, white and buff coloured Caddis.

Iff you come across fish that are actively feeding but ignoring the eggs then you need to try some Caddis patterns as the fish can become quite preoccupied with this huge and easy protein intake for them.

The weather looks to be quite settled for the coming weekend so hopefully we should have some half decent conditions for fishing over the next few days, the river levels are remaining higher for longer now as the lake level is now very high and holding river water for longer allowing some more consistent runs of fresh fish. We hope!  it’s been a long time coming this year.

River mouths have been a little hit and miss with dramatically fluctuating rips as the weather and rising lake levels have affected them you really just need to get out and give them as go and take your chance some nights have been all on !  other nights, hardly a fish seen .

Tight Lines all till next week

Gary Lyttle

Fly and Gun


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