17th November 2015

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Taupo Fishing Report



Yet more unsettled weather has led again to some pretty patchy fishing out on the lake over the last week.

Top method at the moment remains trolling a full lead line that covers the wider array of depths that we seem to be finding fish at the moment

Harling is still going well early morning before the winds pick up, fish have been reported to be a little on the small side at the moment but in good condition.

Small pockets of smelting activity are being reported here and there but nothing yet of any real consequence.

Been a bit windy for the jiggers so only a few brave souls reporting back this week to say they have been catching but still quite patchy on the whole.

Local fly fishing has been steady with some nice fish being caught now as fish are starting to condition up.

The local river mouths had a little spike of activity after the rain at the start of the week we had reports the river mouths fished well with some better quality fish showing up later into dark.

Some of the back country rivers have been looking quite skinny recently with the lack of rain hopefully this week’s forecast of further rain will go towards giving them  a much needed top up as we head into what has been forecast as a long dry summer ahead.

Dry fly fishing has also been put back whilst the inclement weather persists although we have started to get a few fish looking up and coming to the dry over the last few days in the more sheltered areas, so bring on the summer —- soon!

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