21st June 2013

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The rains came as forecast and as predicted the fish ran with them, most people that have been able to get out on the local rivers this week have had a ball, still not huge numbers but some absolutely outstanding quality fish, we had some Americans in the shop on Monday that had been out on one of the local rivers with Taupo guide Dave Wood, they showed us photos of some stunning big Browns and Rainbows, we had more reports and pictures shown as this week progressed and river levels rose of many more big fish being caught, the condition of these winter fish is just a sight to behold when fresh from the lake, big bars of pure silver Rainbows and yellow butter gold Browns that we have not seen the likes of locally for quite some time.

Most methods are working well but with the continued rain and coloured water the bigger brighter Glo Bugs are scoring well, these big eggs are also taking their share of big Browns as well. Remember you will need extra weight to get your flies down as the flows increase, the golden rule of Taupo winter fishing is “if you are not getting your flies on the bottom then you won’t be catching any fish”.

Wet lining has been outstanding first thing in the morning on the Tongariro and the T.T with big Black Woolly streamers and Cone heads doing the damage, Dont be afraid to use bigger and brighter gaudy looking flies with lots of life in them to get the Trout’s attention. Those that are now into the double handed Scagit style of wetling are having a blast this winter as the method is tailor made for the Tongariro and T.T in winter, This method allows big heavy flies to be used with very little effort and gets rid of the need for any back casting so ideal for high banks and bushes etc and is just so easy and relaxing to fish, but most of all, no other method covers more water more effectively.
The weekend is looking to be more settled and a cold Southerly snap is forecast as I write this, this is always another big trigger for the winter runs to start in earnest so hopefully we will start to see the numbers of fish increase and if they continue to be of the quality that we have seen so far this winter then we are in for a real treat.

River mouths continue to be a little up and down and of course with the very changeable conditions to contend with they have been quite unpredictable, but once again those that have been on the right mouth on the right night have had some outstanding fish, most methods are taking their fair share of fish though the new Chartreuse and White Booby from Pat Swift has been a regular sell out and judging by the numbers we sell it must be doing some real damage out there.

Have an awesome weekend

Tight Lines all Gary Lyttle

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