25th May 2016

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Well, we had the rain we asked for thank goodness ,and judging by the continued low level of the lake we need a lot more to start to back up and retain some of the water in the rivers to really get the runs going, according the weather forecast this week that’s exactly what were about to get.

The fishing this week has been good with reasonable numbers of fish caught in most local rivers, not the numbers yet but certainly some big quality Jacks coming through to make the day worthwhile, I always love this time of year when there are no crowds as yet and the rivers start to get a good scouring and cleaning from the extra flows.

You can very often catch the biggest fish of the winter on these early runs as some very good fish come through before the main runs start in earnest.

It seems that all methods have been catching fish as the river levels have fluctuated, the wet line has been killer in the dirty water and early mornings with the bomb and egg doing well as the water starts to drop, the heavy nymph and natural have been going well as the water clears, Caddis will once again be high on the menu as the flows increase a great nymph that very often gets little use.

The river mouths should start to fire very soon as we are now out of the moon phase and have some low pressure forecast for quite a while. Black Rabbits and Buggers and various lumo and night time flies will all work well from now on.

I had a walk up the Hine this week and was amazed at the work the volunteers have done to clean up the car parks, not a piece of litter to be seen anywhere on any track or car park spot, not even a cigarette butt. I could not believe the mess that was left for the locals to clear up after last winter so thank you guys, great job, greatly appreciated.

More rain coming, for the weekend, more fish, so get out and give it a go while its nice and quiet .

Tight Lines All

Gary Lyttle



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