2nd August 2016

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Well you would have to say that winter has finally arrived here in Taupo, the last couple of weeks of pretty inclement weather have switched the green light to go for some pretty reasonable numbers of fresh fish to run the system.

Most of our local rivers responded really well with some pretty impressive reports of some very good sport being enjoyed out there this last week.

With the extra high and coloured water the wet liners have been having a ball swinging some big flies that as always seems to work on the larger fish and this week has been no exception , we have seen some pretty impressive photos this week and what stands out is the sheer quality of fish that are being caught at the moment, big silver bars broad across the shoulders and full of fight, if we are to take a positive from the late start this year then these quality fish that have been feeding hard out in the lake are certainly making up for the wait.

The Tongariro has had some good runs through now and fish can be found pretty much throughout the length from below the town bridge all the way up to the limit. All methods are working at the moment take your pick, traditional nymph and indicator, wet line, Switch , Cheq, you name it, if you fancy trying something new then now is the time to try it.

T.T has had some pretty high flows this this last week and has remained quite dirty for long periods but there have been some pretty impressive runs through of the classic T.T silver bullets going through for those prepared to walk and stay on the move.

Hine continues to fish well, good number on some days but tailing off quickly on others, some excellent quality fish sporadically showing up still, very busy river now with lots of pressure most of the week, worrying amount of Shags now on this river harrying the fish trying to spawn in the shallows, quite a few fish with sceptic wounds on them from these birds.

All to look forward to now as winter hopefully has arrived, in saying that we had brief sunny period the other day on the river and witnessed a Caddis hatch and a couple of fish up for the emergers for a half hour or so .

Tight Lines to all

Gary Lyttle



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