26th January 2016

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Fishing out on the lake has been very good for most, but the quality of some of the fish being caught so late into summer has been of some concern, in saying that there has also been good numbers of absolute crackers being caught on all methods.

Downriggers and trollers are finding fish quite deep now at around 120 foot mark, bright lures seem to be popular at the moment, any of the lemon / white , orange, and flashy silver type Cobras seem to be going well.

Harling is still going well at first and last light, with std Green Orbit and Red Bodied Green Orbit doing the damage.

Jigging is just coming into its own now as the fish are driven down to thermocline levels with the rapid increase in lake temperature. All manner of Pat Swift jig flies are taking fish at the moment and we expect it to get better for the jiggers as we head into February, 35 -40 meters seems to be the killer depths at the moment of course there will be exceptions and you may have to go even deeper or shallower you just have to stay on the move to find them.

Fly fishing has just boomed this last week as we can safely at last say we have Cicadas this year !

Fish have immediately starting turning their attention upward and have been smashing the big dries with gusto. Judging by the amount of big dry flies we are selling all of a sudden you can say its happening pretty much everywhere.

It has been a few years since we had a decent Cicada year so we all hope this continues on through the remainder of the summer .

Tight Lines All

Gary Lyttle


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