8th March 2016

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Fishing out on the lake continues to improve as the weather starts to cool things down a little and holiday boat traffic has eased.

Downrigger and jigging are still top methods out there at the moment with some exceptional fish being caught this last week on the Jig.

35 meters stills seems to be the general depth they are finding fish at the moment, Harling has been going well with some good quality fish showing up at the change of light especially for the early birds.

As we had hoped, the better fishing is going to be at the back end of the season with the best yet to come.

Cicadas have now started to slow down as the temperatures start to go down the scale but what a season it was, probably one of the best for many a year for the Fly Fishers, Fish are still looking up as we head straight in to some great Mayfly action this week and quite a few fish now turning their  attention to the Lace Moth , Fish are now in great condition and even the smaller ones are giving a great account of themselves when hooked on light dry fly gear.

It’s a great time of year for the fly fisher locally as the crowds are now gone and we can have some awesome sport and lots of space to explore,  riffles will still be the place to find feeding fish and now is a good time to think about hanging a nymph under the dry as a backup until they start rising.

Cold starts to the day are just a reminder that winter is just round the corner but I must admit I am actually looking forward to winters now as the fishing has been so good.

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