8th May 2013

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Fishing out on the great Lake has now steadied down after what some would describe as the best season for many years.As the water temperatures drop and mix the fish will be at different depths and will require consistent chopping and changing of how deep the lures fish to stay in touch, fishing depths for the troller’s can vary between 80 and 120 and feet at the moment.

Small Black Toby,Traffic Light,Spotty Gold and Orange and Gold are the lures that have been doing the damage this week.
Jigging has also slowed as the thermocline starts to break up but in saying that we still have reports of plenty of action out there not so much in numbers caught perhaps but more so in the size and condition of fish being caught, we are still enjoying some stunning sunny, windless days at the moment so don’t hang your rods up or put the boat in the garage just yet!!

Local fly fishing has had some very nice runs of fresh fish through the system on the last couple of downpours we had, although the runs were short as the rains seemed to come and go very quickly. However if you were lucky enough to be out on the rivers as the levels receded again you will have enjoyed some very good sport, if the condition and size of the fish caught over the last couple of weeks is any indication of what we can expect for the local fly fishing this winter then we are in for some exceptional fishing ahead.

The river mouths have been going well over in the Western Bays, our local Eastern mouths have been a little hit and miss you really do just have to be out and give it a go as there seems no rhyme or reason at the moment to why some nights are better than others but there are some very good quality and good sized fish getting caught quite regularly at the moment by those prepared to give it a go.

We have a few more weeks of backcountry fly fishing left till the end of the season and the fishing has been nothing short of awesome lately with very healthy fat fish and many waters still producing some good dry fly sport on the warmer days to small Mayfly and Caddis.
Looking forward to some good consistent rain and a drop in temperature to find out what the winter has in store for us.

Tight lines to all


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