19 April 2013

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Steady fishing out on the lake this week , it still seems to be jigging that’s doing the business again with reports of good numbers at most of the local hot spots, a few smaller juvenile fish now showing in the catches alongside some very good quality, fat trout.
Rain has finally arrived and at the time of writing we have had the first downfall overnight which has raised the river levels and got a few nice fresh fish running most of our local waters.

The forecast has been for steady rain all week but we will see,we need considerably more rain to really get those first Autumn runs going although reports suggest that the Tongariro and T.T had quite a few nice fresh fish through, mainly to Nymph though the Glo Bugs have been working for a few people at first light.

The wetliners have been having some good early morning sport on the Tongariro to Olive and Black woolly buggers and rabbit flies.
Rivers mouths are starting to fish a bit better this week as the flow increases and some nice dark overcast nights are with us at the moment, intermediate lines and small woolly buggers and small sized night flies are all you need at the as the lake levels are still very low.

Back country rivers will all benefit from this bit of rain and are still very much worth visiting at this quieter time of year and you can still catch with a dry fly dropper, you may still even get the odd rise to the dry on the sunnier Autumn days.
On the whole all looking good for a great winter season, see you out there!

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