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The Fi-Glass Boats

Chances are if you’re avid boating fanatic you’ve heard of the local boating brand Fi-Glass if you haven’t then pay attention as this boat is a serious competitor when it comes to quality fiberglass boats in New Zealand. In its 61-year career spanning back to 1958, the Fi-Glass brand takes the honor of being New Zealand’s longest-standing Fibreglass Manufacturer with over 10,000 boats being sold respectively, this includes international markets such as Australia, Tahiti, and New Caledonia. Pretty impressive right? Ask Managing Director Griff Simpson, he’ll tell you why to make your next boating investment worth it through purchasing a Fi-Glass Boat with Trev Terry Marine.

Within it’s 61 years of service to the boating industry, Fi-Glass have released models that have intertwined with fashions that come and go, but what hasn’t changed is the fascination that families have for the water. At the end of the day, it becomes more than just a hobby, it really is finding your happy place on the water.

The 5.8m Fi-Glass Lightning captures the spirit of family fun whilst being a vessel that is versatile and compact. The Lightning’s original design dates back to 1968 and still features iconic methods of manufacturing, which include cell foam filling and upholstery/graphics that are achieved in- house. One of the most notable features is the 22-degree deadrise at the stern, which attributes to the famous soft ride.

Fi-Glass Warrior on a  150hp 4 Stroke

We put this beast on a pedestal! The Warrior is the ideal choice boat that practically does it all, whether it be fishing, leisure, or all-round family fun- with exceptional handling at the helm to create an experience like none other. The Warrior is the largest boat from the Fi-Glass Range, stretching 6.40m in length. In doing so providing the luxury of being able to overnight as well as reach a top speed of 50mph on it’s Mercury 150hp 4 Stroke.

Fi-Glass Cavalier on a 115hp 4 Stroke

The Cavalier stands out at 5.40m and can facilitate 5 people on board with ease. The Cavalier becomes a popular investment for families with effortless handling, superior comfortability, and easy storage

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re in the market for a quality fiberglass boat, you can’t go past the elite range of fiberglass boats from Fi-Glass. Get in touch for a personalized quote or to find out more information with the current finance offer.

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