Stabicraft 1550 Fisher – Raw Boat Review

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An alloy rig like no other – The Stabicraft 1550 Fisher

Stabicraft released the 1550 Fisher in 2016 and they sent their R&D team on a mission to find out what Kiwi fishermen were looking for in a compact boat. To be honest, we think all of the boxes have been ticked in terms of build quality, construction, layout, functionality, and performance on the water. For a boat that is less than 15 feet in length, this model is jam-packed with features to satisfy most anglers out there.

Our stock 1550 Fisher is up for sale

Let’s go over this immaculate 2019 model that we have available for sale. Trev Terry Marine Ltd sold this boat new in November 2019. It has been based in Taupo and tucked away in a garage when not in use.

The run time on the Yamaha F60 is less than 30 hrs, so it’s fair to say this rig is pretty much brand new. The boat is well equipped with upgrades and is ready to adventure with confidence, wherever you desire to fish. A built-in live bait tank along with a washdown pump is also included in this package. Topping it off, the 1550 Fisher has Garmin electronics, fish pro seats, bimini canopy, paint belt up, and DMW trailer with mags. Combined all together it’s a paradise for any fisherman, delivering you a fishing weapon like no other.


The Stabicraft 1550 Fisher is so easy to use and at the same time punches well above its weight in performance on the water. The large front opening hatch makes for such easy access to the anchor and to exit the boat straight onto the beach. That same hatch/windscreen also provides for incredibly good forward vision when driving, you can see right in front of the boat. It also provides excellent protection from wind and spray, making for a very comfortable ride in cooler and windier conditions.

The open plan layout makes it easy to move through the boat, and the abundance of storage means you can easily keep the boat nice & tidy while also being able to find everything as you need it. This boat will allow you to access and explore so much more of New Zealand’s coastline and waterways. Super easy to tow, incredibly economical to run, light enough to launch almost anywhere, but safe and capable of handling some pretty challenging conditions.

Let’s dive into a bit of the History of Stabicraft.

Stabicraft is the original manufacturer of Pontoon Alloy boats in NZ, taking the original concept of an inflatable boat and manufacturing it in alloy to make it durable. Stabicraft uses the term “Life ring”, to describe the Buoyancy pontoons that surround the boat, while the saying “Adventure with confidence” is Stabicrafts motto.

You can fill the boat with water, as the name suggests it will remain “stable” and afloat. Positioned at the bottom of the South Island and with Foveaux Straight as their testing ground, it is little wonder that they have produced such a successful product.

From humble beginnings in the 1980s through to today, Stabicraft has continued to grow and evolve and is now potentially the largest manufacturer of Aluminium boats in NZ and exports to many other countries including The United States, Alaska, Australia, and more. With boats ranging from 14 ft to 30 ft, Stabicraft caters to a very wide range of boaties from all walks of life.

WHAT WE THINK – Final words from Brock, Gordon & Matt…

In the perspective of an angler, this boat is it. Stability at rest is excellent, it’s compact, has a great open layout, a relatively beamy cockpit, tough, durable, and all for an affordable price.

Based on the condition factor and it’s age, we score this Stabicraft 1550 Fisher a 9/10.
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