The Launch of the Haines Hunter 635

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The Ride Just Gets Better

Introducing the New Haines Hunter 635

For more than 50 years, the Haines Hunter brand has continued to develop and manufacture quality fiberglass boats that are at the forefront in the marine industry. Haines Hunter’s unwavering commitment is to deliver boats that are the best riding, strongest, and most versatile, in doing so create memories that last a lifetime. Now the ride just gets better with the launch of the all-new Haines Hunter 635.

An extensive 24-month development process led to Haines Hunter manufacturing two models, the SS635 Hard-Top and Soft Top SF635 configurations.

You can expect the Haines Hunter 635 to be true to its measurements, with a hull length of 6.35m and an overall length of 6.76m. The iconic 21-degree vee is part of this unique 635 model, which allows for the smoothest possible ride when the hull cuts through the water.

“It’s a completely new model, it’s bigger than the 600”, says CEO Dennis Kendall, and the concept behind this unique creation was inspired by our dealer’s input along with you the customers. In relation to the 600, the 635 carries a little more beam on the chine aft.

New Features on the 635

In regards to the design layout, the 635 has used modern boat building techniques using the highest-grade marine materials, the hull is a hand laid resulting in superior strength, rigidity, and longevity. A molded composite structural floor is embedded onto the hull, the benefit being that the 635 creates watertight chambers that deliver reserve buoyancy.

The decks and bulkheads on board incorporate a foam core sandwiched between the inner and outer skin, this technique reduces the overall weight of the boat, which results in better fuel efficiency on the 635. The deck floors on this 635, are not only stronger but lighter compared to past models of Haines Hunter.

In terms of internal layout options, the 635 allows for owners to specify the popular back to back seats with the option of a 12-volt freezer underneath, or adjustable pedestal seats being another option as well. Aft bin seating can be removed or pushed under the transom; there is underfloor storage as well as a live bait tank aft.

The forward cabin of this Haines Hunter 635 features 40mm of extra headroom compared to the 600 model, there is spacious under-seat storage for all your fishing and marine accessories, including the provision for a toilet under the v berth.

When it comes to interior flooring, the option of Ultralon U Dek panels is the way to go, alternatively, traditional clip in and removable marine-grade carpet can be achieved.

The helm of this 635 can facilitate for a 12” electronic display, and the latest 5” engine instrument from Yamaha allows for the Yamaha Helm Master EX to be fitted on this 635. Find out more about the Yamaha Helm Master EX, the newest piece of boating ingenuity that is changing the way we control and maneuver boats, with installations being done by our Workshop Technicians here at Trev Terry Marine.

New hardware componentry see’s fold-down cleats for convenience and functionality, the SS635 hardtop model will also feature the luxury of having sliding windows that will recess into the strut supports of the roof, allowing for a bigger side window opening.

So, what do you think? We’ll let you soak all this information in. The new Haines Hunter 635 will be available at your favourite marine dealer, Trev Terry Marine in the next coming months. In the meantime here is a sneak peak of the 635 which was showcased at our recent Boating & Fishing Expo in Taupo.


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