The Stabicraft 759 Supercab

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The Legendary Stabicraft 759 Supercab

This Beast is awaiting it’s next adventure!

Stabi Excellence

It’s not every day we get the chance to showcase the almighty Stabicraft 759 Supercab. This iconic flagship model is one sharp-looking boat, on a white graphics package, and comes with some serious grit with it’s twin Yamaha 115hp 4 Stroke outboards.

Since 1987, the Stabicraft name has continued to evolve its brand into a global leader in the manufacturing of positive buoyancy aluminum boats that are renowned for its innovative approach to their quality construction and design.

The Stabicraft 759 Supercab has experienced a couple of evolutions since its introduction to the model line-up, the focus predominantly laid on having more internal beam, and Stabicraft just did that by increasing the beam by 240mm on this particular model. Doing so allowed for better stability at rest, and catering for more internal space to be opened up.

Buoyancy on this 759 Supercab is second to none and is derived from the aluminum pontoons that are built-in either side. These pontoons are sealed with separate air chambers, along with a reserve buoyancy of 3100lt, which makes this Stabicraft 759 virtually unsinkable.

Comforts + Tricks on the 759 Supercab

The cabin configuration on this 759 Super Cab is split into two distinct areas, the wheelhouse, and forward cabin. With the cabin providing ample sitting headroom, with the luxury of being able to overnight for three people. Raised side coamings run down either side, with the port one extending right into the aft end of the wheelhouse which acts for more storage internally. There is also a foredeck hatch on this 759, providing both light and ventilation into the boat. One of the cool features on this 759 Supercab that is commonly not seen on all Stabicraft boats is the large side opening windows that allow for better vision and airflow into the cabin. Talking about airflow, you won’t have to worry about the cabin getting fogged up on those early morning fishing trips because the front windscreen demister will come into play, this is utilized by the diesel heating system.

An overly spacious cockpit is both open and functional for that serious angler who is seeking a large working space to be at comfort whilst on the helm. With the luxury of being fully enclosed, the 759 is ideal for facilitating a cozy dinette experience, with the inside table, and seating in which a family of four can easily enjoy a meal.

All in all, the Stabicraft 759 Supercab is a workhorse, masterfully designed and crafted by Stabicraft. This 759 Supercab is ready for its next adventure.

Come and find your happy place today.

See website listing  for photos, plus a full list of accessories included.


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