Trout Fishing – The Basics

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Trout Fishing Made Easy

The 2mile2good Trout Fishing Comp is happening this Saturday! 

We hope that you’ve purchased your ticket to this epic event. It really is the event to master your Trout fishing skills and maybe even walk away with some cool prizes. Here in Taupo, we’re fortunate enough to have the Lake in our backyard, providing us with a premier freshwater destination that offers great fishing for large brown and rainbow trout all year. 

Get started in 3 easy steps:

1. Get your license 

It all depends on how long you want to fish, we have various fishing licenses to suit – single day to all season long

Purchase your fishing license

 2. Get your gear sorted 


One of the most crucial elements in trout fishing is the reel – The more you pay the better reel you will get, but if you’re a beginner, start with a reel you can afford and go from there. There is the option of choosing either a right or left-hand wind model that suits you, but it all comes down to preference on what works for you based on comfortability and feel – Just know the essentials to a good reel are smooth operation, lightweight, and has to be large enough to carry a sufficient line.


Generally speaking, the rod should be around two meters long and suited to cast a lure weighing 7-10gms. Guides lined with ceramic are preferable to chromed wire ones to reduce line wear.


Use a line with 3-4kg breaking strain. Such a line should be capable of landing most fish in all but the toughest conditions.


A small spool of nylon of a slightly lower breaking strain than the mainline is a good place to start. A short piece of this thinner line is connected to the mainline by a small swivel, which prevents spinning lures from kinking the main line. The other end of the trace is tied directly to the lure. This prevents the loss of the mainline when a lure becomes irretrievably snagged (it does happen).

3. Tweak your technique 

Spin Fishing:

Start off with Spin Fishing, a fun and active style of fishing that is perfect for Lake Taupo. Spin Fishing entails fishing for trout with lures that imitate small fish. It is an ideal way to begin trout fishing as the skills involved are easy to pick up. A basic outfit of rod, reel, and line, plus a few lures are all that is necessary to give you a good chance of catching trout.  (and you don’t need a boat) Fishing from the beach is ideal.


A common fishing technique used on Lake Taupo – effective when mastered. While in a lake, up to three small fishing flies are attached to a line that has a lead sinker attached to keep the line on the bottom. The boat is anchored, the line dropped to the bottom, and the line jiggled up and down in small movements. Most fish are caught on or near the bottom.

Trolling & Harling :

Trolling and harling both involve dropping a weighted line close to the bottom of the lake as the boat moves slowly at walking speed. The line is then pulled along behind the boat. Most boats have a smaller ‘fishing’ motor that keeps them moving slowly across the water – Harling is more successful during early mornings or evenings.



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