Winter Servicing Promo

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A reminder to book your boat in for a service between now and the 30th of September and receive the following:

  • A 10% discount (Excluding Electronics)
  • Free Prop Flag
  • Free Wash and Vaccum
  • Free Pick up and delivery between Taupo, Kinloch and Turangi

A well-serviced boat runs well and you are less likely to have breakdowns and maintenance issues.

We now have three locations to get your boat serviced: Taupo, Turangi & Kinloch. Take advantage of the quieter winter months and book your boat in for servicing, installations and repairs.

Summer sees our technicians extremely busy, so ensure you’re ready to go by booking in the off-season. And because it’s generally quieter, we’re able to spend more time on the finer details.

Offer ends 30th September 2016.

Here are some other Winter Servicing Tips:

While the boating season is winding down, it’s time to start thinking about protecting your vessel. By putting the effort in now, you’ll save time and reap the rewards later on. Plus, not all insurance policies cover damage done by lack of maintenance or neglect, so keeping your boat in-check is of extra importance.

The best place for your boat to be during the winter is out of the water, under cover. (Ask us about our boat storage at Kinloch). If this option isn’t possible, perhaps your should consider purchasing a good quality storage cover (we have these in store from $399)

FUEL: We suggest filling your fuel tanks and adding stabilizer to the fuel. Full tanks leave less room for condensation to form (we have Fuel Stabilizer in stock for $26.90 946ml)

BATTERIES: If you are not going to be using your boat for a while it is  a good idea to set up a C-Tek charging system to help save the battery life. We have these in store from $99.90

Simple Fuel Maintenance can prevent this: – This fuel filter was found in a customer’s boat after not being serviced for a long time. This can lead to other problems!


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