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Century Deep Cycle 96AH

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Century Deep Cycle Flooded batteries are constructed using thicker
plates, specialist lead calcium alloys and denser active material, to
withstand repeated recharge and discharge cycles.

Premium grade raw
materials and electrolyte ensures reliable deep cycle performance in
recreational applications.
Product Dimensions
Charging Procedure
Continued overleaf
Correct charging is one of the most important factors
when using deep cycle lead acid batteries. Following a
discharge, the battery should be fully charged in a well
ventilated area.
Charging at constant voltage is the most suitable method
for charging a deep cycle battery. Figure A (overleaf)
shows the typical charging characteristic of a deep
cycle battery that has been discharged to 80% depth of
discharge, then charged with a constant voltage charger
at 2.40vpc with the initial charging current controlled at
The charging current is maintained at this level until
the battery voltage reaches 2.40vpc. At this point, the
constant voltage phase starts and charging current
gradually drops. The charging process is terminated when
the charging current has dropped below 2% of nominal
capacity, or total charging time of 24 to 36 hours.
It is recommended that charging should be stopped if the
electrolyte temperature reaches 50ºC. It can recommence
when the temperature has dropped back below 40ºC.
In an application where multiple batteries are employed,
there is also a need to provide an equalisation charge
once a month. This ensures that every cell in the battery
bank is fully charged and balanced. This is completed
by fully charging the battery, then extending the charging
time by another 12 to 24 hours at 2.40vpc.
To maintain optimum performance, it is recommended
that the battery is recharged at least once per month
while in storage.

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