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Full Outboard Cover – Mercury

$135.00$265.00 (included GST)

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Outboard Motor Storage Covers’ are designed and tailored
to fit specific Outboard Motor Models to give a secure close fit.

Mercury Verado 6CYL 2.6L
400R, 225HP, 200HP, 250HP, 300HP, 350HP,
200HP PRO, 250HP PRO, 300HP PRO
20″ M00-20
25″ M00-25
30″ M00-30
Mercury Verado 4CYL 1.7L
135HP, 150HP, 175HP, 200HP
20″ M05-20
25″ M05-25
Mercury 4 stroke 4CYL 3.0L
135HP, 150HP
20″ M10-20
25″ M10-25
Mercury 4 stroke 4CYL 2.1L
75HP, 80HP, 90HP, 100HP, 115HP
20″ M15-20
25″ M15-25
Mercury 4 stroke 4CYL
40HP, 50HP, 60HP
15″ M20-15
20″ M20-20
25″ M20-25
Mercury 4 stroke 3CYL
25HP, 30HP, 40HP
15″ M25-15
20″ M25-20

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Vanessa Pease
Used Boat

Well we bought a boat from Trevor Terry Marine,and they were so nice to deal helpful in many ways. I am living in Tauranga and we still service our boat with Trevor Terry Marine

Rob Gourdie
Used Outboard

Seem to be THE place to go for boat advice and parts in the Taupo region

Bill Hancock
Used Boat

Outstanding service from Gordon and the team. They did a great job of selling us our boat and ensuring it would do what we needed it to do. Great after sales service to add some extras and fine tune it.