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Finally a new quality LED Camping light ideal for camping, 4WD’s, caravans, boats and more!

These weatherproof LED Camping lights provide more than enough light to see what you’re doing at night.

Installation is a breeze! This DIY kit comes with all the necessary cables, quick connectors and mounting hardware so you can install yourself in nearly all applications.

We back our product with a 5 year warranty. 30 day money back guarantee.

You no longer need to pack the lantern / torch when camping.

– Never have to cook before it gets dark
– No hot elements from gas lamps
– Leave them on all night and it will not affect your battery
– A dimmer switch is supplied so you can turn down the brightness in the kids room
– All lights are IP68 rated, that means they will run under water
– 50,000 hour life span
– Power consumption being only a mere 0.6 amp per LED light bar means you could run this light off a normal car battery for 100 hours before the battery goes flat

Our cables are design to eliminate voltage drop issues as they are heavy duty double insulated cables so you get no voltage drop over the long lengths which results in brighter bars. All cables come standard with Waterproof locking DC connectors, this stops them coming apart and any water issues affecting them.

Our Splitter cables are built using a heavy duty 5 amp in and out spliiter cable.

– Up to 5 year warranty on bars (2 year on cables and accessories)
– Waterproof (IP68)
– 12 volt, 7.2watt per 50cm bar
– 120 deg beam angle
– 50,000 hour life span
– Little to no heat
– Durable / impact resistant
– DIY install, no electrician required
Current draw: 50cm bar = 0.6 amps per hour

4 x High Powered 48cm Light Bars
3 x On/Off Dimmer Switches
1 x 3m Extension Lead to male Cigarette adaptor
1 x Battery Terminal Clamps to female Cigarette adaptor
2 x 5m Extension Leads
2 x 3.5m Extension Leads
2 x 2.5m Extension Leads
1 x 3-Way Splitter
1 x 2-Way Splitter
6 x Velcro wraps for mounting
6 x Zip-Ties for mounting
1 x Carry Case

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