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These ultra bright high powered LED lights are perfect for extra light
in many different applications. Not only are they being used in boats these days, customers now use them in campervans, 4WD’s, Camping, Garden lighting, Caravans. The options are endless!

A great advantage to these lights is that they are able to be cut every 50mm, so you can cut them to suit whatever length you need, and with quick connector cables at both ends you have no waste, the off cut also become a light.

The 12V High powered tape comes with Waterproof DC connectors at either end so you can join them easily to create longer lengths.

FEATURES: Free cigerette lead and On/Off switch –
(No 3m adhesive on blue 5m tape)

– Color Temp: Cool White
– 2 Year Limited Warranty / 1 Year Commercial
– 5600 Total Lumens with 60 LEDS per M
– FREE cigerette and On/Off Switch
– Length: 5m long
– Waterproof (IP68)
– Real 3m adhesive tape on the back (White Only)
– No electrician needed. Installation is Easy
– 12v Powered
– Durable, impact and vibration resistant
– Long Life
– Little Heat
– Low Voltage
– Will not interfere with any Video or Audio system nearby
– Has CE and FC approvals
– Beam Angle 120 deg
– 1.2 amp hours or 14.4 watt per 1m length
– 3M adhesive tape on the back of LED strip

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