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Designed to suit a wide array of open boats, these easy to use covers provide complete weather and UV protection.

  • Specially designed to fit open boats
  • Rated for highway towing use up to 100km/h
  • Tailored shape for a smooth fit across boat and around hull
  • Heavy-Duty cover, ideal for short- or long-term storage
  • Fits boats with bow-rails up to 150mm in height

      Code                                            Boat Length            Overall Cover Length   Overall Cover Width   Max Beam-Width

MA 202-3 3.5m – 3.7m 4300mm 2050mm 1.6m
MA 202-4 3.7m – 3.9m 4500mm 2150mm 1.7m
MA 202-5 3.9m – 4.1m 4700mm 2250mm 1.8m
MA 202-6 4.1m – 4.3m 4900mm 2400mm 1.95m
MA 202-7 4.3m – 4.5m 5100mm 2500mm 2.05m
MA 202-8 4.5m – 4.7m 5300mm 2500mm 2.05m
MA 202-9 4.7m – 5.0m 5600mm 2700mm 2.25m
MA 202-10 5.0m – 5.3m 5900mm 2700mm 2.25m
MA 202-11 5.3m – 5.6m 6200mm 2700mm 2.25m

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Team are always helpful, go the extra mile to provide support and great customer service. Extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy.