Savwinch 2000SS Signature Stainless Steel Drum Winch

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Our Signature Series Winches were introduced in 2016.

They are full 316 Stainless Steel motors, they’re completely submersible without the use of sealants or glues, while also offering all the award winning features of the Classic Series.

The 2000CS and 2000S winches are the fourth largest winch in our range. Designed for larger boats up to 10 metres.

Popular with many of the commercial fishermen and charter companies, the 2000CS and 2000SS Savwinch has heaps of grunt and are very reliable. Over engineered to handle harsh applications.

Dimensions: 300mm high and 450mm wide (See Dimensional drawing below for more details).

The same great design features are available on the 2000 as Savwinches of other sizes.

Endless opportunities for fitting up rope and chain to suit your use. Please ring us to discuss.

Want your anchor to drop down faster than a standard mechanical up/down, look at our clutch free Savwinch Electronic Fast Fall System, falls as fast as a free fall system but without the problems typical of a clutch system.  Ask for the Model SAV EFF 100.

All of our 2000CS/2000SS winches come standard with 130m of rope and 10m of chain, though longer specialised lengths can be custom made.

Mclay Boats exclusively fit Savwinch Winchs.


We know our products can withstand the test of time, so for the first time ever, our brand new Signature Series come with an included comprehensive 7 year warranty!

Savwinch are the first and only company to offer such an extensive warranty. We believe a premium product should include a premium warranty.

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