SeaDek Template Kit

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$59.99$309.99 (included GST)

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This will transform your boat, Jetski, Kayak etc! Order your Template Kit Now!

Check this video on how to create a template kit

Use our SeaDek template kits to create your own template(s) to submit to us for a quote and to begin production of your pads.

  • This kit includes the following:
    * 1 – 10 sheets of clear Mylar plastic
    * 1000 x 2000mt
    * 1 permanent marker pen
    * data form
    * 1 template instructions

Kit comes complete with 2 template sheets for $69.95, additional sheets are $30 per sheet.

Once you have done you template, return it to your Boating and Outdoors store and they will send it away and get you a quote.


Options 3 Sheets, 4 Sheets, 5 Sheets, 6 Sheets, 7 Sheets, 8 Sheets, 9 Sheets, 10 Sheets, Std Kit 2 Sheets
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