Sterling Power AMPS LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries 12V

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  • Longer runtime – ability to hold voltage higher for longer allows you to get extended use of advanced features such as spot lock, autopilot and much more. Why use two when 1 will do!
  • Lightweight – Less than half the weight of a comparable Lead based battery
  • Longer Lifetime – more cycles means cost effective cost per cycle breakdown
  • Faster charging – get up and going faster with latest in Lithium technology
  • Charge on the go or on the tow with the latest in charging technology from Sterling Power
  • B2B Charger allows you to charge on the go from your engines alternator and top up when moving between spot – Draws less than tuna tube pump!
  • Due to the nature of lithium batteries it is not recommended to run the motor above 80% for extended periods or follow manufacturers guidelines for use with lithium


12V battery on its own AMPS LiFePO4 12V 60AH, AMPS LiFePO4 12V 100AH, AMPS LiFePO4 12V 120AH, AMPS LIFEPO4 60AH BATTERY and 12V AC Charger, AMPS LIFEPO4 100AH BATTERY AND 12V AC Charger
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