Super Sarca Anchors 2.5 – 22Kg

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Arguably the most popular Fisho anchor in Australasia. Made in Aussie using very high grade materials.

SHHP* Approved, Rock slot in the shank, very low environmental impact. Standard equipment for many boat builders.

Comparison chart for our range of Super SARCA Anchors
A number of variables affect anchor choice. Please give careful consideration to the following: type of vessel, tidal conditions, inland or ocean waters,
displacement of vessel, type of sea floor, wind strength, draught of vessel, type of hull and use, windage area of vessel, mass of vessel and ocean terrain.
Code Boat length Boat Weight Weight Width Height Length Length Height
metres tonnes kg mm mm mm Shank to toe fluke to shank
We recommend that you evaluate the variables listed above and choose the most suitable products for your vessel.
(Freight Extra – Depending on your area. Order & get a quote?)


Size 2.5 Kg Up to 4m Boat, 4 Kg Up to 4.5m Boat & 0.5 Tonne, 6 Kg Up to 6.5m Boat & 1.5 Tonne, 9 Kg Up to 8.5m Boat & 2 Tonne, 13 Kg Up to 10.5m Boat & 3.5 Tonne, 15 Kg Up to 12.5m Boat & 5 Tonne, 22 Kg Up to 15m Boat & 11 Tonne
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