Weber Premium Original Kettle Portable Charcoal BBQ – 57cm

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$499.00 (included GST)


Now comes with a built in lid mounted thermometer!

The Weber Original Premium Kettle has extra innovations that make cooking even more enjoyable. Available size: 57cm model available in black porcelain enamel.

This model has the ash catcher which we recommend as far cleaner use and perfect for New Zealand’s conditions, subject to wind.

The Weber Original Premium Kettle has added new standard features. These features include a lid mounted thermometer that monitors the cooking temperature inside the kettle.

Heavy duty, factory assembled, aluminised steel cleaning system.
Lid mounted thermometer.
Chrome plated steel hinged cooking grill allows the addition of extra fuel and smoking woods.
High capacity ash catcher prevents ash from blowing around.
A large aluminium drip tray is included to catch drippings from roast.
Rapidfire Charcoal V Grate and charcoal baskets allow the firelighters to be placed directly under the charcoal for lighting.
Full colour “Complete Australian Barbecue Kettle Cookbook” which includes recipes and barbecueing tips.
Weber’s Limited 10 years warranty.

This model has been decked out with a hinged cooking grate and a high-capacity ash catcher so indirect grilling is easier and cleanup is easy too.

Some people think it’s hard to justify lighting their Weber® kettle just to cook steaks. The real Weber® enthusiasts know, however, that what the Weber® kettle does for roasts it can also do for steaks and kebabs. Steaks, for example, are cooked directly over real coals (not lava or ceramic rock) with the lid covering them. Natural convection cooking makes them the juiciest steaks you’ll ever enjoy. The smoke from the coals creates a barbecue flavour that is unmatchable. You only have to taste one steak cooked inside a Weber kettle to know that steaks cooked on ordinary barbecues are just that … ordinary.

Weber® charcoal grills deliver exceptional results every time, thanks to their design: curved premium-grade U.S. steel coated with porcelain enamel for even heating, years of dependable service, and plenty of kudos for the chef.

How does indirect cooking work? Looking at the picture you can see that coals are positioned out to the sides while the food is placed on the upper grill between the two fires. The fat from the turkey will drop into the disposable drip tray below. This means that you get much healthier, fat-free cooking without those horrible fat-fires. Weber® call this ‘indirect cooking’ because the food is cooked using natural convection without any fire directly underneath it. Apart from the unforgettable flavour, the great advantage of using this method of cooking is that you don’t have to turn the meat. You’re free to do whatever you want while the Weber® kettle cooks the most extraordinary roast, every time. (Please see the indirect cooking image, model is an example and may vary to the item listed for demonstration purposes).


Includes features that are considered accessories in most other countries around the world.
Over $240 (NZ Retail price incl. GST) of Roasting accessories are now included:  (Please see image also)

  • Rapid Fire V-Grill
  • Hinged cooking grill
  • Drip Pan
  • Charcoal Baskets
  • A hardcover 240 page instructional Cookbook.

These Weber Kettles are designed for ease of use and reflect New Zealanders’ love affair with roasting, baking and smoking on their Weber kettle.

Porcelain-enamelled bowl and lid
No-rust aluminium vents
Factory-assembled aluminised steel
One-TouchTM cleaning system
Removable high-capacity ash catcher
Triple-nickel-plated hinged cooking grill
Glass-reinforced nylon handles
RapidfireTM charcoal ‘V’ grate
2 Char-BasketTM charcoal fuel holders
Crack-proof all-weather wheels
1 Aluminium drip pan
Weber® 10-year limited warranty
Kettle Cookbook

Assembly required, tools pictured are not included but are available seperately.

Size  57cm
Height  98cm
Width  63cm
Depth  57cm
Cooking area  2550cm2
Colours: Black

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