Rhys Terry

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Meet Rhys Terry, Trev Terry Marine’s Customer Service Manager. Rhys’ background ‘is’ boats and the marine industry. He holds a wealth of knowledge and experience that helps allow him to provide the best customer experience, there is no one better for the role.

Although now holding a management role, Rhys’ career did start at ground level cleaning boats for his dad as an after school job.

Dedicated to the business, Rhys is also a dedicated family man. Rhys and his wife Alaina have two children, Ruby and Angus and number three due in January. Sometimes in limited supply, especially over the summer months, times spent together as a family are precious and cherished.

Rhys and Alaina enjoy family time on Alaina’s family farm where Rhys enjoys helping with farm and learning new skills. And it goes without saying Rhys and the family also love the lake and water sports. They also enjoy time on Loloma, a charter boat which Rhys and Brock own, “it’s brilliant for getting away, having time together and it’s great for entertaining friends and family”. Rhys is also a bit of an adrenalin junkie. He has flown a glider solo. Like his dad Trev, Rhys has been involved in competitive power boat racing – participating in races from the ‘Hamilton Bridge to Bridge’ to the Taupō rounds of the ‘NZ Offshore’. Unfortunately last year, an incident sunk the boat, 42m deep in Lake Taupō, thankfully with the boat being the only damage – Rhys and his co-pilot Larn Robinson were unhurt. Rhys also enjoys duck shooting. Rhys is fully immersed in the Trev Terry drive, for ‘Trev Terry Marine to be New Zealand’s leading marine retailer’, and Trev Terry Marine winning Best Retailer and Star Performer in Taupō’s, 2016 Stella Business Awards, is definitely testimony to that.

Rhys is fully behind the company’s ambition to be New Zealand’s leading marine retailer. Rhys is proud to be part of the Terry family business and is also proud of the team behind the company.

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