Gordon Maisey

Meet Gordon Maisey, chances are if you have been a customer of Trev Terry Marine in the past then you probably already have. Gordon returned to the team in July 2016 for the 3rd time. You might say he is somewhat of a repeat offender. Gordon first worked for Trevor back in the 80’s in the days of Plylite Marine, he then came back again from 1999 to 2007, and he turned up again in 2016.

A very proud father of two daughters, Gordon loves to go Snowboarding with Ashleigh, Rock climbing with Nicole. And the whole family enjoy hanging out behind the boat. “We don’t really do fishing” says Gordon “the only thing I tow behind my boat is me and my family” Gordon also loves to head over to the coast with his surf board when he gets a chance to try and catch few waves.

Knowing what great experiences and memories a boat can provide a family, he absolutely loves selling boats to people. It’s just the most rewarding job.” Families that play together stay together”