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Buccaneer 605 – Raw Boat Review

An all-round performer – The Buccaneer 605 Introducing another prolific boat by Buccaneer,... more

Victory 40-Foot Bridgedeck Launch – Raw Boat Review

A 40-foot Bridgedeck Displacement Launch  Introducing this monumental piece of local boating... more

Tige 6.6m – Raw Boat Review

Tige Ski Boat  If you’re in the market for a high-performance ski boat, look no further than... more

Boating Luxury with the Regal 1900ES & 1900ESX – Raw Boat Review

Experience the comforts of Luxury Boating…With the Regal 1900ES & 1900ESX 19-feet in... more

The legendary Haines Hunter SS660 – Raw Boat Review

The ride just gets better – Haines Hunter SS660 The Haines Hunter SS660… A Sport Sedan... more

Stabicraft 1850 Supercab X1

Adventure with Confidence… Mention the name Stabicraft and any Kiwi Fisherman will know you... more

The Buccaneer 550 Classic – Raw Boat Review

JUST ANOTHER BUCCANEER – THE 550 CLASSIC Here we have the Buccaneer 550 Classic. A fine... more

Haines Hunter SF535 – Raw Boat Review

The ride just get’s better – The Haines Hunter SF535 This boat needs no further... more

Bayliner 2655 – Raw Boat Review

THE BAYLINER 2655  A CREATURE COMFORT VESSEL THAT HAS IT ALL Introducing to you the Ciera 2655, a... more

Vindex 350 – Raw Boat Review

THE VINDEX 350 A NEW DIMENSION IN QUALITY, LUXURY AND PERFORMANCE Presenting to you the Vindex 350... more

Tristram 550 – RAW BOAT REVIEW

Step on board the Tristram 550 What is not to love about the Tristram 550… A striking sleek hull... more

Haines Signature 575 – Raw Boat Review

The Haines Signature 575 difference…  Don’t get confused with the Haines Hunter brand,... more


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