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Buccaneer 605 – Raw Boat Review

An all-round performer – The Buccaneer 605 Introducing another prolific boat by Buccaneer,... more

27th September 2021

Victory 40-Foot Bridgedeck Launch – Raw Boat Review

A 40-foot Bridgedeck Displacement Launch  Introducing this monumental piece of local boating... more

12th September 2021

Tige 6.6m – Raw Boat Review

Tige Ski Boat  If you’re in the market for a high-performance ski boat, look no further than... more

6th September 2021

Boating Luxury with the Regal 1900ES & 1900ESX – Raw Boat Review

Experience the comforts of Luxury Boating…With the Regal 1900ES & 1900ESX 19-feet in... more

30th August 2021

The legendary Haines Hunter SS660 – Raw Boat Review

The ride just gets better – Haines Hunter SS660 The Haines Hunter SS660… A Sport Sedan... more

26th August 2021

Stabicraft 1850 Supercab X1

Adventure with Confidence… Mention the name Stabicraft and any Kiwi Fisherman will know you... more

23rd August 2021

The Buccaneer 550 Classic – Raw Boat Review

JUST ANOTHER BUCCANEER – THE 550 CLASSIC Here we have the Buccaneer 550 Classic. A fine... more

9th August 2021

Haines Hunter SF535 – Raw Boat Review

The ride just get’s better – The Haines Hunter SF535 This boat needs no further... more

1st August 2021

Bayliner 2655 – Raw Boat Review

THE BAYLINER 2655  A CREATURE COMFORT VESSEL THAT HAS IT ALL Introducing to you the Ciera 2655, a... more

25th July 2021

Vindex 350 – Raw Boat Review

THE VINDEX 350 A NEW DIMENSION IN QUALITY, LUXURY AND PERFORMANCE Presenting to you the Vindex 350... more

19th July 2021

Tristram 550 – RAW BOAT REVIEW

Step on board the Tristram 550 What is not to love about the Tristram 550… A striking sleek hull... more

11th July 2021

Haines Signature 575 – Raw Boat Review

The Haines Signature 575 difference…  Don’t get confused with the Haines Hunter brand,... more

6th July 2021


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