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The Smart Fishing Drone

Mobula Smart Fishing Drone Yes you heard right! One of the latest pieces of boating innovation to... more

28th June 2016

Taupo Fishing Report 28-06-2016 FLY AND GUN Lake fishing is still going well for those that brave... more

18th May 2016

TAUPO FISHING REPORT 18-05-2016 FLY AND GUN Winter runs for the fly fishers have been somewhat... more

6th May 2016

TAUPO FISHING REPORT 06-05-2015 FLY AND GUN What an amazing start to the winter fishing here in... more

5th April 2016

Taupo Fishing Report 05-04-2016 FLY AND GUN Steady fishing out on the lake at the moment with a... more

8th March 2016

TAUPO FISHING REPORT 08-03-2016 FLY AND GUN Fishing out on the lake continues to improve as the... more

17th November 2015

Taupo Fishing Report 17-11-2015 FLY AND GUN Yet more unsettled weather has led again to some pretty... more

10th November 2015

TAUPO FISHING REPORT 10-11-2015 FLY AND GUN Fishing on the Great Lake is just starting to improve... more

9th September 2015

Taupo Fishing Report 09-09-2015 FLY AND GUN Fishing out on the great lake has been good this last... more


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