Rayglass Legend 2500 – Raw Boat Review

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The legendary Rayglass Legend 2500 

It is always a true pleasure when you get to witness and experience the realm of this magnificent boat do its thing on the water, the Rayglass Legend 2500 imposes a magnitude of size, capability, and performance to give you the title of New Zealand’s most awarded boat ever.

The rise and shine of the Legend 2500 arose from its previous predecessor, the Legend 730, another popular and successful trailer boat that continued to dominate its presence within the 7m GRP Hard-top market of boats. It was agreed that change was needed, but more so a major revamp to continue this ever-growing legacy of the Legend model. The design team from Rayglass created a focus group with existing 730 boat owners and went through a detailed discussion on what could be improved. The result was over 60 changes to the new model, from the thickness of the bow rail to the re-development of the hull.

Rayglass MD, Tony Hembrow agrees. “The Legend 2500 is by far the best boat we have done in years and while the 730 has certainly been a winner for us, 2500 is an evolution that epitomizes everything that we feel is good about Rayglass. It’s everything we have ever learned from everything we have ever built”.

What’s new on the Legend 2500 

  1. The 2500 features a completely brand-new hull but still maintains it’s overall length as a 25-foot fibreglass trailer boat.
  2. Windscreen offers a single support beam in the centre.
  3. The overall length under the hard top has been increased by 300mm
  4. Space for storage has been increased, with every cm on the boat designed to maximise this.
  5. The cockpit coamings are high, featuring deep toe kicks that suit the fishing angler.
  6. The overall design of the dash top has significantly changed, with the 2500 providing a much larger cut-out area above the companionway.

    WHAT WE THINK – Final words from Brock, Gordon & Matt 

    A true legend by nature, the Rayglass Legend 2500 is on a pedestal compared to boats of similar size and construction, it brings in together all-round comfort, versatility, functionality and fishability. A fully moulded GRP fibreglass hull is one aspect, but creature comforts on board allow for cruising long distances with the ability to overnight.

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