Stabicraft 1850 Supercab X1

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Adventure with Confidence…

Mention the name Stabicraft and any Kiwi Fisherman will know you are speaking of quality to the highest level. It’s a brand that has long been established into the roots of Kiwi Boating with a respected reputation.

The 1850 Supercab X1

Let’s jump straight into talking about the Stabicraft 1850 SuperCab X1. This model is the smallest of the Hard Top range for Stabicraft. The Supercab X1 provides the added protection of a Hard Top, while still being compact and light enough to be launched in places you wouldn’t try with a larger boat. With NZ having so much accessible coastline, the option to skip the busy ramps and launch straight from the beach is a huge bonus. With a towing weight of approx. 1250 kg you don’t need serious towing power to haul it around the country either. Deck space is abundant in this model and four people can easily fish from this boat without tripping over each other.

If you are a family that loves the ocean and fishing, the Supercab X1 provides a great combination of deck space out back and protection upfront. The dash layout provides plenty of space for fitting electronics of your choice, so feel free to go with that larger screen size for your GPS / Sounder unit, and also add a stereo to the electronics package too. The hull will perform well with 90 hp but has the capacity to take up to 140 hp if you are hauling heavier loads for diving etc. The layout is very functional and makes the boat a pleasure to use. The Arrow Pontoons make for a smoother ride in choppy conditions, while the Game Chaser Transom significantly improves maneuverability and performance when reversing.

The Stabicraft Name

Stabicraft is the original manufacturer of Pontoon Alloy boats in NZ, taking the original concept of an inflatable boat and manufacturing it in alloy to make it durable. Stabicraft uses the term “Life ring” to describe the Buoyancy pontoons that surround the boat, while the saying “Adventure with confidence” is how Stabicraft refer to their brand. You can fill the boat with water, and as the name suggests it will remain “stable” and afloat. Positioned at the bottom of the South Island and with Foveaux Straight as their testing ground, it is little wonder that they have produced such a successful product. Rugged conditions, Commercial clients testing their product beyond the usual limits, and a can-do attitude from the designers and engineers. From humble beginnings in the 1980’s through to today, Stabicraft has continued to grow and evolve and is now potentially the largest manufacturer of Aluminium boats in New Zealand and exports to many other countries including The United States, Canada, Alaska and Australia. With boats ranging from 14 ft to 30 ft, Stabicraft has a boat to cater for any fisherman’s requirements.

Click here to view website listing + 360˚ Walk Around Footage of our stock 1850 Supercab X1

What we think – Final Words from Brock, Matt & Gordon…

If you are looking for a quality boat that is safe, performs well, and represents great value for money then we believe this is the boat you are looking for. The Stabicraft 1850 Supercab X1 is a rig that covers all bases.

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