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Experience the comforts of Luxury Boating…With the Regal 1900ES & 1900ESX

19-feet in length, sleek designs, fastrac hull, and social seating bring together to deliver you a bowrider called the Regal.

Founded in 1969 in Orlando, Florida, Regal has established a name for itself, as being high-quality boat manufacturers, with a purpose not to merely sell a boat, but to give you and your family experiences that enrich life and create lasting memories.

Our in-stock Regal’s up for sale:

We have to Regal’s up for sale. The ES and the ESX Model, the ES package achieve timeless elegance with titanium upholstery, while the ESX package features hull-side graphics and color-matched upholstery.

Both these boats are considerably beamy, allowing for maximum space on board with arena-style seating that provides a social layout to entertain your crew. The bolster allows for either forward or rearward facing seating for the passenger. An upgraded Fusion stereo system provides the life and party, just simply turn the volume and bass as you desire. The plush bow seating makes for a great place to hang out, as does the very generous rear platform that is perfect for swimming and getting ready for your next tow.

The interior has plenty of storage, accompanied by high-quality stainless steel gas struts that add a touch of class to this fine boat. When it’s time to tuck the Regal away, don’t fear as the Wake Tower frame can easily be lowered to fit in a standard garage.

How’s the horsepower on a boat such as this? Well, lift the lid on the engine bay and you will encounter the 4.5L V6 MerCruiser sterndrive that offers 200hp, allowing the Regal to run at over 50mph. The speed in which this boat goes is credited to the ‘Fastrac Hull’ that delivers unparallel performance on the water, up to 25% faster speeds and up to 30% better fuel economy.

There is no doubt that both these bowriders are a real head-turner at first glance. The 1900ESX with its sleek blue sides over a black hull and the 1900ES in white with its modern titanium upholstery. For Regal, it’s about experiences that enrich life and create lasting memories, a statement which we at Trev Terry Marine are very passionate about. At the end of the day, it’s about finding your Happy Place…. So ask yourself why not a Regal?

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