Lake Taupo Ski Racing Team Lucifer

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Overview of event

The 2023 World Water Ski Racing Championships are to be held in Gosford, NSW, Australia 9th- 19th November.

Gosford is an amazing world class saltwater venue approximately 120 km from Sydney.

The World Champs are held biannually at venues throughout the world and although a minority sport attracts boat fanatics, skiing and water sport enthusiasts, dare we say in these times – petrol heads, and the public from all walks of life.

A Worlds Water Ski Race Team, made up of 3 members Skier, Observer & Driver competes through 4 race rounds over four separate days of racing. Each Race is a gruelling 1 hour plus a lap and the cumulative points decide the final world placing. How does waterski racing work? Water Ski racing is an on-water Motor Sport, where an athlete (Skier) has been added to limit the boat driver’s ability to go full throttle from start to finish. Races can be laps of a course, or a point to point, ranging from 2 km – 150+km. Speeds can reach over 200 km/120 MPH throughout a long race.

Group Lucifer’s accomplishments

A water ski race team is made up of three people (the skier, the observer, and the driver), each of whom has a vital role to play in achieving ultimate success, whether it be on the race course, during cold winter months spent practising on the water, in the gym, or even just polishing or fitting out the boat together…it all counts, and this team has repeatedly shown that it is capable of defeating the best teams in the world in Australia in November 2023.All members of this boat driver and observer team have participated in international competitions, having done so in Australia and the USA. In addition to driving and watching for numerous NZ Team skiers before Max, they have prior experience competing in ski racing at the international level.

USA and Australia. In addition to driving and observing for numerous other members of the NZ Team skiers over the years, they have prior experience competing in ski racing at the international level.With multiple NZWSRA “Team of the Year” Awards, there is little doubt that this tried-and-true combination can succeed at the “Worlds level” with high expectations.


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