September Fishing Update

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Well, it seems like we are having flashbacks to the awesome winters that Taupo once had. Glassy conditions in the mornings and evenings more often, clear nights and frosty starts to the next day. This has led to some great river fishing and a few nice reports of fish caught in the sheltered areas around the Lake.

This month we are going to have a catch-up in the month of August and include our ‘salty’ friends who have been having great success on both coasts. Catch Fishing products and Trophy Lures (thanks Floyd) have been truly on the mark this season and we will be welcoming them to our upcoming Expo. It is great to have NZ products at the forefront of innovation and changing how we approach our fishing methods. Bluefin are making their way to our tables in abundance and, if you have not tried Bluefin sashimi, you are not living your best life


Cheers to our popular Team Member Thomas who is loving his fishing and results:

Our awesome customers are also chipping in and showing off….great friends of Trev Terry Marine, Phil and Nina have been on the money chasing Snapper in the Coromandel with Nina cleaning up in a few competitions.

Fly-fishing on our wonderful Taupo rivers has held steady right through the winter with fresh runs on a regular basis. As the weather has settled, the very fresh mornings are a prime time to be out and scouting the mid to upper banks. Spawning is still happening and there are plenty of silver bullets still arriving. The combination of a weighted nymph and globug are the go to option it seems but you can certainly mix it up as the mornings wear on. With clear overhead conditions, take some care around the pools and while entering the water. The water surface can be glassy now so take a moment to let your eyes adjust and don’t rush things. We have had some great visitors to our stores and the community feel is returning as we share stories and experiences. It is amazing how quick our novices are learning and understanding where they fit into the cycle. One of our youngest customers is Oscar from Hawkes Bay and he is super quick on the uptake. Not sure about the shorts in the dead of winter but it does show his determination to make it happen.

Declan was in town recently and had a ball out with some mates midweek. Good conversation, wicked sense of humour and a new-found enthusiasm. A fish like this beauty definitely makes you walk taller and we were happy that Declan cracked it. He was rocking CDX Neoprene waders on this very chilly morning.

Keep in mind that we are open 7 days for your Taupo licences, tackle consumables, rods and waders. We have some new jig rigs landing and have plenty of jigging, harling and trolling combos spooled and ready to add to your boating arsenal. Now is also the time to make sure your boat is ship shape, serviced and trailers warranted. Ramp Ready is the catch cry this season so don’t leave it till the last moment.

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