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Mobula Smart Fishing Drone

Yes you heard right! One of the latest pieces of boating innovation to hit the market is the fishing drone. This is a device that allows you to easily place a baited long line and sinker up to 1000 meters offshore. Drone fishing is not only revolutionary in the way we fish, but offers a multitude of exciting fishing opportunities for you all anglers in small bays, harbour channels, and reefy spots as well. Here at Trev Terry Marine, we’ve teamed up with Nacsan, and industry leader in marine sporting products to bring you the Mobula Fishing Drone

We had Shawn from Nacsan Products come in a few weeks ago to talk about this product…


What makes the Mobula unique?

HANDS-FREE AUTOPILOT – Take off, deploy payload, return, and land without touching the controller. The Mobula can take your baits to your exact way point and drop baits while you watch.

CAST FURTHER– Cast baits further with Mobula, either in Manual or AutoPilot mode safely to 1500m.

BIG PAYLOAD –  Carry bigger baits and more hooks with 2.5kg max payload. This is suitable for up to 25 hooks.

FISH SPOTTING CAMERA – 720P polarized camera with a 90-degree axis helps you spot fish and check your payload, streaming live back to you on the beach.

DESIGNED FOR THE JOB – Specifically designed for the harsh fishing environment, Mobula is buoyant and IP56 rated giving you peace of mind. Mobula can also fly comfortably in up to 20 knots of wind.

THREE RELEASING DEVICES – Mobula can either take your fishing line out or other payloads like berley or floats with 3 separate release mechanisms.

SELF PROTECTION SYSTEM -Built-in safety features prevent Mobula from crashing. Mobula will automatically return and land when the battery is low. In High winds or times when the motors are overloaded from too much weight, the Mobula will release the payload and return home.

SMART BATTERY – Equipped with a 1000maH battery that easily clips in and out of this fishing drone. No need to open the drone or use screwdrivers when fishing on the beach. The smart battery also has a battery level display to check the battery level outside the drone.

FOLDABLE & PORTABLE – Take the Mobula with you anywhere you desire. Being portable offers the luxury to take it fishing and store the Mobula easily with its slick design.


How long does it take to charge the Mobula? – 3.5 hours for drone battery and 1.5 hours for remote control.

How waterproof is the Mobula? – Mobula is IP56 Rated. A product with an IP56 has undergone stringent testing to prove that it is protected against the quantity of dust that could interfere with the normal operation of the product but is not fully dust-tight. The product is completely protected against solid objects. It is also protected against powerful water jets projected by a nozzle (12.5mm) from any angle but isn’t Waterproof when fully submerged for an extended period of time. Mobula does float and prevents the unit from becoming submersed but if the unit was to loose its buoyant properties due to crash etc, mobula would risk becoming submerged.

What is the max range for Mobula? – Mobulas Max Range Is 2000m but We have restricted this to 1500m for casting missions as this allows a safe distance before getting into a dangerous zone where mobula could loose connection.

What is the flight time of Mobula? – Mobula has a flight time of 15 mins. This is in perfect conditions. Payload, wind, and mission distance all play a major role in the length of the flight.

Can Mobula return to a moving boat? – The “return to Home” feature and the autopilot function will not return to a boat as the boat will be moving with current, wind etc. the drone will return to the GPS mark where it took off from. if this was to move (a boat in the ocean moving with the current) the drone would try to land where the boat was when it first left the moving boat.


We are currently have a special price for you today. Enquire now to find out more. 


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