26th July 2013

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Some lovely settled weather over the last weekend saw quite a few boaties out on the Great Lake trying their luck at a trout or two, most found the fishing quite hard but the sheer enjoyment of just being out there on Lake Taupo on a winters day with the sun shining and the mountains covered in snow as a back drop makes catching a fish just a bonus.

The fish are still at varying depths anything from 20-50 metres just depends on the day you really do have to make the effort to keep trying different depths and staying on the move to locate the fish.

One or two people have commented that they are still having success at the Jigging but are catching fish much shallower at around 20-30 meters deep using darker patterns than normal.

Quite a few people took advantage of the settled weather and tried their luck at Harling first thing in the morning and have pleasantly surprised by quality of the fish caught, Size #8 Green Orbit and Ginger Mick have been going well also the Olive and Black coloured woolly buggers in sizes #8 and #6 towed just along the drop off areas, It’s a cold start but well worth the effort.

Local fly fishing is now getting quite sluggish with low water conditions and lots of angling pressure from the latest holidays we now really need a good rain to get the fish moving again, according to some of the boaties there are good numbers of Hens now waiting to run many of the local rivers.

Rain has been forecast as I write this on Tuesday so hopefully by the time you read this we should be all go again, the numbers haven’t been great on the last few freshies and have been mainly made up still with Jacks let’s hope to see some Hens in good numbers and of the same size and quality as lots of the big Jacks that have been caught this winter.

On a sad note we are receiving more and more reports of anglers exceeding the bag limit and various other  infringements of the rules , you need to make note of vehicle regos and report any thing at all suspicious to D.O.C make a note of this number 0274424962 put it on your contact list and make the call.

The river mouths have been performing quite well with some stunning conditioned fish caught on the sinking lines and White and Chartreuse Boobies, a tad too much moon this week for the night fishing but the early morning crowd are still going well.

The same scenario at the mouths this week as the levels get low the flow decreases the rip to a  small trickle and the fishing gets harder, once again we need a good rain.

Tight Lines to all



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