Trojan Bearing Boss

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Trojan Bearing Boss

Why Trailers Need Bearing Protection

Wheel bearings are an essential component of your boat trailer. Like with all mechanical parts, they go through constant wear and tear, even a short distance heats the hubs. But to be more specific with boating, when the wheels are submerged in water during launching. the hubs suddenly cool and the air inside the unprotected hubs contracts, forming a vacuum which draws in water through the rear seals and unfortunately destroys bearings overtime. As Bluey’ says, ‘there is nothing worse than having a great day on the water ruined by a bearing failure’

The Solution – ‘ The Trojan Bearing Boss’

Trojan have developed an easy and quick solution, with the Trojan Bearing Boss that helps extend the life of our wheel bearings. They work by allowing you to fill the entire cavity of your wheel hub with grease via a grease gun. Once full of grease this keeps the bearings lubricated and eliminates premature bearing failure by keeping moisture out and the bearings full of grease with a slight positive pressure within the hub.

Trojan have been in the marine game for decades and the Bearing Boss is just another state of the art marine gadget for safe and smarter boating. The Bearing Boss is made from stainless steel and are available in three different sizes ( 45mm, 50.2mm & 52mm )

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Trojan Bearing Boss Stainless Steel

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