Cam Calkoen

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Last year the Trev Terry team got together to celebrate a successful year and finished on a high with an awards evening.  Joining us was special guest Cam Calkoen.  Cam shared his journey, he is truly a living example that life is what we make it, and the values needed to achieve awesomeness are simple – we need to believe.  Cam inspired, enlightened, and delighted our team by modelling what it looks like to dream big and achieve more!

Cam was born with Cerebral Palsy and was told that his biggest challenges would be the way he walks and talks, he dreamed big…… becoming an athletic gold medalist, an amazing charitable fundraiser, social entrepreneur, and a global renowned inspirational speaker.

Through strength of human attitude and potential Cam chose to embrace the challenges he was born with and harnesses his gifts to live in the pursuit of excellence and make life as awesome as it can be.  Cam’s passion, energy and humour are infectious.  Cam believes in a world where everyone is inspired to embrace their opportunity, where our reality is no barrier in succeeding with our dreams, goals, aspirations, and purpose….” Let’s exceed expectations.”

Cam Calkoen is that “AWESOME guy.”


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