TTM’s Weber Lockdown Cook-Off Competition!

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TTM’s Weber Lockdown Cook-Off Competition!

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It was a Weber Cook-Off for the dream team at Trev Terry Marine earlier this week. The objective was clear, get as creative as you can with your Weber BBQ, and hopefully achieve that perfect sear or medium-rare. All you Weberholics!, this one is for you!

You too can be apart of the action! Simply visit our Facebook Page and LIKE or COMMENT on who you think deserves to be crowned the ultimate Weber master chef. $100 Boating & Outdoors voucher up for grabs.

Also, stay tuned for your chance to upload your ultimate Weber dish. More info to come with some cool prizes up for grabs.

Pictures can be deceiving folks! So remember to take into consideration the preparation, technique, and creativity that our staff members put in.

Entry 1: All you Turangi locals are well aware of her presence and top-notch customer service! If she’s not serving you, well she’s most likely baking some goodies in the kitchen. Introducing to you, Callie Winterburn’s ‘classic kiwi roast with pavlova for dessert. I can assure you that the pavlova was made on the Weber, baking on the Weber is a thing ladies & gentleman.

Entry 2: You might catch this person skiing down the slopes of Whakapapa during ski season, if not he’s too busy selling boats. Yup, you’ve guessed right! It’s Gordon Maisey’s rendition of the classic kiwi burger.


Entry 3: He goes by the name of Mr. Methodical. If he’s not fixing your boat, he’s most likely pimping his ride out. Introducing to you, Sam Carter-Hart’s execution of BBQ’d pulled chicken with flatbread, salsa & coleslaw.

Entry 4: We can say this person certainly loves a good kombucha. If she’s not plugging numbers into Orion, she most certainly is sorting your finance out! Introducing to you, Yakira Scott’s twist on stuffed chicken breast with bacon.

Entry 5: She’s our newest team member here at TTM. Loves the outdoors, a keen hunter and somewhat a chef behind the kitchen as you can see. Introducing to you Courtney Fox’s take on the beer can chicken, seasoned with butter & parsley.

Entry 6: This person needs no introduction. He’s made his presence at TTM since 1996, and he’s still in his 30s. Without further ado, introducing to you Brock Terry’s classic oven beef short ribs & corned beef.

Entry 7: Born and bred in Taupo, this person loves his outdoors and Rum. He’s also one of the owners of this establishment. Introducing to you Rhys Terry’s smoked beef ribs using Weber pecan wood chunks & Kingsford charcoal.

Entry 8: He’s the founding father of this establishment. I’m sure all you Taupo people know who I’m talking about. It’s none other than Trevor Terry himself. Here’s his classic take on the iconic fish & chips.

Entry 9: He goes by many nicknames here at TTM. Big T, Father T, Poppa T, the list goes on.. He may have slightly ruined this pic with his caption of ‘All done’ but jokes aside he’s a cherished member here at TTM. Introducing Terry Dennis’s rendition of the classic kiwi Ham & Roast vegetable medley.

Entry 10: This person is an all-round bloke. He loves his beer, outdoors and interestingly speaks fluent Japanese. Pizza and Rhubarb pie made by Gordon Crabb.

Entry 11: This might not be the prettiest picture, but like I said photos can be deceiving. Also, take into consideration he’s an old-timer so give him some leeway. He made a valiant effort and that’s what it’s all about. Introducing to you Craig Scott’s twist on the classic kiwi roast.

Entry 12: He’s a Holden type of guy! You can’t blame him as he used to work at Ebbetts. We can now say he’s truly home where he should be. Introducing to you, Raymond Lagos’s garlic & rosemary lamb leg.

Entry 13: As you can see this bloke loves his rum! Can’t go wrong with a bottle of Appleton Estate. Give him credit, he’s got creative and whipped up some pancakes on the Weber. Nice work Michael Mccashin!

Visit our Facebook Page in the link below to get amongst it!

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