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Let’s face it, owning a boat is a huge investment that requires a lot of time and regular maintenance. As a boat owner, you want to ensure that your vessel is kept in its best possible state, in storage, or in use, in doing so will go a long way to enhance the longevity and value of your prized asset.


 – Locations serviced include Kinloch & Turangi.


CALL 07 – 378 7779 or complete the form below 

Why Use Us?

  • We only use the highest quality chemicals and cleaning products.
  • We guarantee superior workmanship, with a Grooming Team that has extensive knowledge of Boats, but more importantly a true passion for Boating.
  • We can provide a free quote and inspection for your boat.
  • Our overall feedback and reviews on our social channels, including Google, will help you with your decision.
  • We can provide a pickup and drop-off service for your boat.

Services We Offer:


  • Regular wash-down service- With the removal of surface dirt, grime, grease, salt-water residue, and light oxidation.
  • Cut & polish.
  • Buffing.
  • Rust stain removal.
  • Teak deck cleaning.
  • Interior cleaning of carpet, leather or any fabrication.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Engine room and bilge cleaning.


  • Shampooing of seats & carpets.
  • Buffing.
  • Car upholstery & fabric cleaning.
  • Leather cleaning.
  • Mag wheel washing/Cleaning.
  • Tyres siliconed.
  • Tar removal & polish.
  • Windows & windscreens cleaned.



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Bling your Boat

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